BUSINESS TERM: Topless Meeting

05 Aug

DEFINITION of ‘Topless Meeting’

A meeting in which participants are not allowed to use laptops. A topless meeting organizer can also ban the use of smartphones, cellphones and other electronic devices. The purpose of this is to create an environment free from distraction, to foster enhanced focus and to generate more discussions.


Topless meetings were originally popularized at high tech companies where personal computers and smart phones first began creeping into company meetings. It can also be used to describe classrooms that have banned the use of laptops for note taking, which can be an distraction to students sitting around the laptop user.

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One response to “BUSINESS TERM: Topless Meeting

  1. evelyne

    August 10, 2015 at 11:41 am

    i suggest this method to be used in most of the meetings, maana kuna wkati mko kwenye mkutano in a middle of a very serious conversation and someones phone rings and destructs the attentions of the rest, ama at some points you might receive some sad news which put you off the meeting. its hard especially in our country to hold such meeting i.e topless meetings as everyone has an excuse of bringing his/her phone, or laptop with to the meeting.

    Good idea da monnie, hope to be implemented by many katika kuconduct meetings.

    thank you for sharing
    goo day


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