Finance Terms : RENT-A-CROWD

16 Jan

Definition of ‘Rent-A-Crowd’

A group of people rented to make a  business appear busy. Rent-a-crowds are sometimes employed on the grand openings  of a new business to give the appearance that something is attracting people to  the store, which then potentially attracts real customers, who come to see why  the crowd has gathered.

Rent-a-crowds can be a good  strategy to help get new customers into the door. This can also make a  business look busy and give potential clients the impression that business is  good.



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One response to “Finance Terms : RENT-A-CROWD

  1. Abubakar Mohamed

    January 16, 2013 at 8:04 am

    How long does the rent a crowd last is as long as the company has got the potential clients or is there a specific time


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