28 Dec

Every one of us has two major choices on how to use of time.

1. Investing time.

2. Spending time.

We invest time when:
we use it today to create a flow of money that will keep expanding as we get into the future. Smart people start by identifying where to invest time and then use every minute of their time to take small steps that lead to creation of their own future income flow.

We spend time when:
-We do nothing and just let it go by.
-We use it to build small unstable businesses.
-We use it to work for someone for a fixed pay.
-We do not give enough time to an idea to fully develop it.

Spending time may involve working to obtain satisfaction or meet our needs in the immediate present. When we stop working, money also stops coming. Once we belong to a group of those who spend time, the time we use now will never pay us back in the future. We may be opened to lots of great ideas but trouble sticking with one long enough to develop it fully so it gives us a continuous flow of income.

The choices we make today on how to use our time determines whether we will have a serious income flow in the future.

Income generating sources like employment are excellent alternatives to start with in life but employment may be one of the riskiest income creating choices people make. Employment makes you a time spender not a time investor.

Smart people keep investing time. Most other people choose to spend time because they do not know the difference between investing and spending time.

Contributed by Paschal of Creative Minds Associations. (CMA)

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