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14 Aug

Companies from across the globe are looking for individuals and small companies to perform a wide range of freelance business services from remote locations. Outsourcing business processes makes sense for companies that cannot afford to hire another employee, yet have needs beyond those their current employees can fulfill.

All Types of Subcontracting Work Available
Online subcontractors work from their own home or small office and have access to an international market. Client needs vary, but following is a list of a few of the job types available on popular job auction websites:
Web and Programming, including Javascript, Drupal, Linux and more
Writing, Editing and Translation, ie., proofreading, copy writing, article writing
Sales and Marketing, including social media marketing, telemarketing, public relations, and lead generation
Engineering projects such as 3D modeling, scientific computation, and manufacturing design
Various legal, financial, design, and administrative projects
Most of the work subcontracted through job auction sites are one-time tasks, such as the writing of a single report or designing a company website. However, these sites allow freelance business services providers to build a profile and maintain a web presence through their website. It is possible to build repeat clientele and work towards securing full-time subcontracting work.
How to Succeed as a Freelance Business Services Provider
There is obviously more to operating a successful business than can be explained in one short article. The most important thing to remember when starting an online business of any type is that it requires just as much planning as any other new business. People often have unrealistic expectations about working from home or selling services online, thanks in large part to internet marketing gurus who would have everyone believe they know the secret to making a million dollars before breakfast and want to share their success… for just a small fee, of course.
Working through an auction site, freelance business services providers are solely responsible for their business reputation. Clients can leave feedback and ratings on the provider’s profile. No one is going to jump in and finish the project is the provider has an emergency. Providers must be able to keep their own books, market their own services, seek out their own online opportunities, and manage their own communications. It could take months before the new provider even has to worry about that, as they try to get established on each new site. For the best chance at a quick start, use one of the established, reputable sites listed below.
Joining the Ranks of Freelance Business Services Professionals
Before joining any job auction website, be ready to take the following steps to get your business off the ground:
Read all Help tutorials to learn the rules, etiquette and processes of the site.
Spend a few days to a week reading over job postings to see if the type of work you’re interested in is available and how your qualifications measure up.
Take the time to build a solid profile. An empty profile is a red flag that a freelancer isn’t serious about their work or the site.
Visit forums or blogs, when available, to learn more about potential issues with the site and what to expect in general.
Create a portfolio of samples of whatever type of work you do. Refer potential employers to your online portfolio, or attach samples to bids.
Create a contract or use a sample work order from the job auction site. Don’t trust online buyers to pay you; have a contract and use escrow, when available.
Taking a freelance business services small business online through a job auctions site generates exposure to an international market of clients who are already interested in hiring a subcontractor. Be realistic, know your strengths, and ask for help when needed- or outsource it!
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