Illegal Interview Questions To Watch Out For

17 Jul

Source: Investopedia Carriers/Laws

Here, we take a look at some questionable questions that will hopefully not be  asked during your next interview.

1. Questions That Divulge Your Race, Color, Religion or National  Origin
When it comes to job interviews, according to “CBS Money  Watch,” hiring decisions may not be made based on race, color, religion or  national origin and as such, potential employers are prohibited from asking  questions that would require the potential employee to divulge any of this  information. Employers are allowed to ask questions such as, “Are you legally  authorized to work in Tanzania.?” They cannot ask you about your citizenship  status, nor can they ask where you were born. Questions regarding religion are  also off limits. Employers cannot ask you about which religious holidays you  observe, nor can they ask you about which church you attend. When it comes to  languages spoken, an employer may ask you if you are able to read, write or  speak a certain language so long as that language is relevant to the position in  question, but an interviewer cannot simply ask what your native language is. ( Well I was asked such Questions in Almost all interviews i attended, especially the age part)

2. How Old Are You?
Though many interviewers are able to deduce  an applicant’s age based on dates that may be voluntarily disclosed on an  applicant’s resume, it is illegal to ask an applicant what his or her age is  during the interview process. In certain instances, an  employer may ask an applicant if he/she is over a certain age (e.g. 16, 18,  or 21 are common ages seen on employment applications). Nevertheless, explicitly  asking for one’s age during a job interview is illegal.

3. Are You  Disabled or Married?
While some disabilities may complicate a  person’s ability to perform essential functions of a job, it is illegal to ask  whether or not a job applicant is disabled or any questions related to medical  history. More appropriately, an employer can ask if a candidate is capable of performing essential  functions of the position with reasonable accommodations, but explicit  questions regarding disability status are off limits. Similarly, questions about  your marital status are questionable. Rather than ask “Are you married?” or “Do  you have children?” many interviewers broach this issue by asking “Would you be  willing to relocate as needed?” or “Are you able to travel as needed for the  job?”

4. What Is Your Weight and Height?
Unless the  position for which you are applying requires applicants to maintain a certain  weight or be a certain height, it is not legal for an interviewer to ask you  about your physical attributes.

The Bottom Line
When  it comes to questions  asked at job interviews, a quick litmus test is to ask yourself whether or  not the question posed elicits an answer that is relevant to the job for which  you are applying

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