Microsoft launches rival to Apple’s Ipad‏‏

21 Jun

Good news to Tablets/Gadgets Lovers!

Microsoft has unveiled its Surface tablet, a  rival to Apple’s iPad which it said is designed to seamlessly transition between  ‘consumption and creation, without compromise. ‘ Apart from competing with Apple,  the software giant will also be competing with PC maker — its biggest  customers.

“It delivers the power of amazing software with  Windows and the feel of premium hardware in one exciting experience,” Steve  Ballmer, CEO, said as he showed off the tablet which is similar to the iPad in  terms of weight and thickness.

It has a  built-in “kickstand” that enables it to be propped up for watching movies, and a  thin detachable cover that will also serve as a keyboard.

The Surface tablet will run a version of  Windows 8, Microsoft’s  current operating system that will have a new version in coming months.

Microsoft said one version of the Surface tablet would have 32  gigabytes or 64 gigabytes of storage and feature a type of chip called ARM that  is usually used in mobile devices. The price will be comparable to that of other  tablets that use ARM chips.

The Wall Street Journal says that Steve Ballmer  and other Microsoft executives repeatedly use the words “no compromises” to  describe the tablet computers they envision running Windows 8 and Windows RT – –  which means that users will be able to use work-oriented tools like Microsoft  Word and Excel programs, not just be used for watching movies and surfing the  web.

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