Loss leader Strategy

29 Apr


What Is a Loss Leader?

A business strategy in which a business offers a product or  service at a price that is not profitable for the sake of offering another  product/service at a greater profit or to attract new customers. This is a  common practice when a business first enters a market; a loss leader introduces  new customers to a service or product in the hope of building a customer  base and securing future recurring revenue.

The loss leader strategy is more than just a nifty business trick – it is a  successful strategy if executed properly. A classic example is that of mobile phone company giving away a free network Locked Mobile phone knowing that you will need to use their network only on that Mobile phone. Cool huh!?

This startegy can be used for retail shops as well, At the shop kwa Mpemba he offers a kilo of Sembe at half a price; and doubles prices on other products, we all run kwa mpemba cause sembe price is very low and assumes everything else is cheaper at Mpemba’s shop, more sales and more profits for mpemba.

On International marketing; The Lower price of Amazon kindle Fire is one of the the Loss Leader strategy; Even if Amazon pays more to build the $79 Kindle than it sells it for, the company has several other ways to bring in money from the device. This Kindle model includes ads that show up as screensavers and at the bottom of the device’s home screen. And Amazon sees all the devices in the Kindle family — and the free Kindle apps it offers for mobile devices and computers — as a way to spur more sales of its digital e-books, music, games and apps. Definately It is making its money back through media content.



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