Finance Tip before You Walk Down the Aisle

30 Mar
Finance Tip before You Walk Down the Aisle
Though it  might be an exciting time when you’re considering taking the plunge and getting  married, don’t  forget that you really need to have a serious talk with your new partner about  money before you get married. Though this may be an awkward discussion to  have, especially in our African Culture, this may sound really bad,especially for men.  What kind of man who cannot provide for his Woman!

” Mwanamke Matunzo”

before you commit yourself into “Till death do us part” contract you need to know what that person earns, what debts they owe and what  their financial plans are for the future. When  you make those vows, you’re also agreeing to a financial partnership with your  beloved. You will need to know that their goals and spending habits are  compatible with yours and that you’re not marrying someone who will drain you  financially, destroying all the hard work you’ve done to create a financially  secure life for yourself.

 I say Long gone are the days of considering  single women to be spinsters. Women  are becoming more and more comfortable in taking control of their own  finances, shaping their financial futures and turning their goals into  realities.

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