TWAA Women’s day Celebrations Breakfast Meeting

09 Mar

It was great honor to be invited at TWAA Breakfast meeting to celebrate women’s day. The event was very informative and educative. I met amazing Tanzania Women whom I have been looking up to all the time, Dr. Marina Njelekela, Sauda Simba Kilumanga, The Haki Elimu Executive Director Ms.Elizabeth Missokia, what a lady! And many more adorable women.

It was the best way to start my day and the year ahead!

Irene Kiwia - TWAA Founder and President

Irene Kiwia - TWAA Founder and President

The event took off by a moving speech from Irene Kiwia; Irene is the Managing director of Frontline Porter Novelli and TWAA Founder and President, in her speech Irene talked about the major enemies to women, I quote “On this day, all over the world, we consider both the steps forward towards better lives for women that have been taken in recent times, as well as the progress still required. Today I don’t want to talk about our women empowerment initiatives, TWAA, the Mentorship program and so many others! I want to talk about something even more serious… OUR ENEMIES! We spend time naming our enemies: patriarchal structures, discriminative legislative and political decisions, uncaring corporate entities, criminal menaces, culture-based ignorance and economic hardships! They all are significant things, and I am not suggesting that they are not… they are extremely significant! But I have felt for a long time now that something else is at the heart of female disempowerment. Something that isn’t as easy to deconstruct or dismantle. Something that is difficult to even name, and at times feels overwhelming to even think about!  I have had conversations about this several times and most seemed to agree with me that our biggest enemy, our worst evil ugly enemy is none other than US! Yes us women! When we don’t support one another, when we are jealous of one another, when we sabotage one another, when we judge and condemn one another, when we feel that other women are undeserving of success, when we bully, back stab, gossip, rating each other as low…. I can go on till tomorrow morning on the many different when’s”

Another person who presented during the event is Ms. Modesta Mahiga, Professional Approach Group MD whose presentation was based on this year’s international theme; “Connecting Girls: Inspiring Futures”

Another inspiring speech was from Dr. Njelekela who is the current Tanzanian Women of Achievement Awards Gender Champion, the Executive Director of Muhimbili National Hospital, a former MEWATA Chairperson and a past recipient of the prestigious Martin Luther King Drum Major Award for Justice. She  seized the opportunity to launch a girls empowerment initiative titled “Kinara ni Mimi Jasiri” where she will work with young girls in Lindi, Mtwara and Iringa who are facing challenges to overcome early pregnancies, early marriages, school dropouts, STD’s and HIV/AIDS infections. The project will focus on creating awareness, sensitizing the communities and creating a peer system that will empower girls with skills and knowledge needed to overcome these challenges and lead productive, educative and healthy lives.

From Left Myself, Robi Moro and Sophia Byanaku at the Event

From Left Myself, Robi Moro and Sophia Byanaku at the Event

After the speeches a lady called Jessica entertained us with her soulful voice, she sang the songs like I believe I can fly, Hero etc. beautiful voice.

To read more about the event, you can visit Frontline Porter Novelli Blog.

I did learn a lot from the meeting, entertained by Jessica’s beautiful voice and enjoyed the breakfast.

I say “Girl power” Truly great people usually don’t feel important; they make others feel important, Love each other, help a fellow woman, Empower a girl-child.

Be Empowered!


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One response to “TWAA Women’s day Celebrations Breakfast Meeting

  1. Anna

    March 9, 2012 at 2:07 pm

    It was rearry a great event, different, straight forward and insiring! i was very empowered ,hearing all those women,Dr.Marina, with her speech,Irene,Modesta, very insiring women!! Big up TWAA team,big up Frontline Porter Novelli!


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